Drumline Summer Assignment

Drum Talk: Week 1 - Due by 12:00 PM, June 10th

Drum Talk: Week 2 - Due by 12:00 PM, June 17th

Drum Talk: Week 3 - Due by 12:00 PM, June 24th

Drum Talk: Week 4 - Due by 12:00 PM, July 1st

Submitting a Video Assignment

There are a number of options for creating, editing, and submitting a video assignment, and a variety of resources are linked at the bottom of this document for your reference.

For the sake of simplicity we are focusing on only one option for this assignment: YouTube: upload your completed video to YouTube and email the URL directly to Mr. Morgan at drumline@spiritofsouthpaulding.org

YouTube Quick Start: YouTube videos can be set to unlisted (no one can see it without the link you send), and you can share directly/only with Mr. Morgan. To use YouTube you will need a free Google Account. (https://accounts.google.com/SignUp)

Note that you have options for recording directly from a webcam or cell phone.

Submitting a Video Assignment: To upload a video, drag your video file to the upload icon in the middle of the screen where it reads ‘Select files to upload’ and drop it over the icon. Once the upload is complete you will be able to set your video preferences, including your privacy settings. Videos are public by default.  YOU MUST UPLOAD YOUR VIDEOS AS UNLISTED.  Unlisted videos are only viewable by people you indicate. You grant permission and email them the video link. Select your video’s privacy setting with the drop-down menu under Privacy settings (upper right).  Click on Save (lower right). Your YouTube video is now ready. The link to your video is located near the top of the window next to the video title. Copy this link and send it to Mr. Morgan at drumline@spiritofsouthpaulding.org