Use this website to order Scrip and start making money towards your band fees while shopping for things that you need to purchase anyway!  Basically, you create a login at and register it to our Enrollment Code: BD6163FL36399,  then show for the giftcards that you need and our band will receive rebates.  The rebates will be applied to your band fees!  What a great fundraiser!  Oh yeah, you can get your family to Shop with Scrip and earn rebs from them too!
Your account is linked to our band with this enrollment code: BD6163FL36399 and you can link it to your child's name by entering it when you register.  If you have multiple non-profits that you are shopping for, then you can enter each into your account and choose each time you place an order. 

Before you begin using scrip we need you to print out the linked form below and turn into the Red Box in Mr. Carr's office ASAP. Thank you!