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Dear Parents,

As many of you know, our first trip payment is quickly approaching.  This is a very exciting time! 
We’ve had many questions in the last week or so about the trip.  Here are a few that we have heard multiple times:
1.       Is the trip deposit refundable?  ANSWER: Not through the band.  In order to obtain a refund, you must purchase trip insurance.  This is purchased directly through our trip company, Traventours.  The due date for trip insurance purchases is October 4th. For your convenience, I’ve attached a trip insurance form to this paperwork.
2.       Can my child participate in the parade or the workshop if we do not pay for them to go on the trip? ANSWER: No.  There are costs we pay to Disney on a “per student” basis for these opportunities.  Disney will count the number of students we have, and it would be awful to have to tell a student they cannot participate.  This is not a cost that we can separate from the price of the trip. 
3.       Can we meet the band in Orlando?  ANSWER: Absolutely.  You would still need to pay through the band for your child’s trip for them to be able to participate in the parade and the workshop. 
4.       Can family members go?  ANSWER: Absolutely.  We do need you to indicate whether they desire to chaperone or not.  Adults and family members who attend who do not wish to chaperone just need to indicate that on their deposit form.
5.       If we pay through the band for our family to go on the trip, will we be able to ride the bus down? ANSWER: Yes.
6.       Can we pay in full for the trip?  ANSWER: Yes.  Remember that the price is variable depending on how many people are traveling.  We would strongly encourage you to pay the lower of the two prices, and then settle up any remaining balance with the last payment so you do not overpay.
7.       Can we pay for the trip before our band fees are paid?  ANSWER: Unfortunately, no. 
8.       Can we just buy tickets from the band? ANSWER: Unfortunately, no.

9.       Pricing for the trip:

For band students:

4 Students to a room: $765 - $795 per person
3 Students to a room: $795 - $830 per person
2 Students to a room: $860 - $895 per person

For chaperones / families taking the trip with the band:

4 to a room: $735 - $765 per person
3 to a room: $765 - $800 per person
2 to a room: $830 - $865 per person