District Honor Band / All State Band

District Honor Band and All-State are events sponsored by our state music association, the Georgia Music Educators Association, GMEA.  South Paulding High School has a very strong tradition in having students annually audition and is among the top schools for participation in our GMEA District.

The district honor band is chosen based on the results of the first round of the All-State auditions. The first round consists of performing the required scales and the 1st etude.  You can download and print the scales and etudes by following the appropriate link:
Any student in good standing with their band program is eligible to audition for District Honor Band, but students must score high enough on this first round audition to be recommended for the second round of All-State Auditions.  It is at the second round that the All-State Band is decided.

It is recommended if students want to be competitive at a district and state level to take private lessons.  Private lessons are not for remediation, but are to help students excel musically.  Private lessons are an investment in your music education that can help you be competitive at the district, state, and national levels, and prepare you for college scholarships.  Students who are competitive at these levels have a better opportunity for scholarships.  There are scholarships available for students even if they do not plan on studying music, but the scholarship processes are competitive.  It is best to prepare for these early.

For a better understanding of how you are scored at the auditions here is an example score sheet.  It includes examples of all levels, so be sure to scroll to the appropriate score sheet.