New Member FAQs

How Will My Child Have Time?


How will our children have the time to go to rehearsals two to three days a week after school, perform at ten to twelve Friday night football games, and compete on Saturdays two to three times a year? How will they have the time to do all of this, within a three-month period, and keep up their grades??

TIME MANAGEMENT will be the most important tool that your children will acquire when they become members of the SPHS band program.

The students quickly learn that they must use every minute of their day wisely. The time not spent in practice has to be spent doing schoolwork, there is no other choice and they know that. At any given time you will find students in the band room, out in the hallway, or in any other space available doing homework. This is taught to them when they first join the program and it is expected of them. Remember that most band members are Honors or AP students.

Your student will learn how to keep a schedule, how to be punctual, and how to set priorities.

During the first week of Band Camp, a detailed schedule will be distributed to all band students. It will list every rehearsal, football game, and competition your student will be required to attend the next three months (well, almost every rehearsal). You can also view this schedule on the Band's web site at and on CHARMS (our web-based data system). This schedule will now become a permanent attachment to your refrigerator.  Of course changes can and do occur throughout the season so make sure to check the website regularly.

Your child will also become punctual. They will be taught the meaning of the phrase...

“If you’re early, you’re on time;
if you’re on time; you’re late;
and if you’re late it’s unacceptable.”

Finally, your child will learn how to set priorities. No longer will you see your children staring mindlessly at the television, or playing PS4 for hours upon hours. Band rehearsals and homework will now fill their free time. (If only the band program could teach them to make time to take out the garbage without being reminded 100 times!!!)

What About Rehearsals?


Rehearsals during Marching Band season are mandatory. One absent member will disrupt rehearsal for all members of the band. To be able to put the best possible musical product on the field, the staff and director need for all members of the band to be present during all scheduled rehearsals. Your membership depends on consistent participation. Management of a band this size is a monumental task and it becomes next to impossible if members of the band are absent. Please help your student make every effort to be there

How Do Parents Get Involved?


Getting involved in the band program will give you the opportunity to share with your child the last four years of their education, these years that go so fast and are rarely enjoyed by many parents. Your child might say they rather not have you around, but most parents actually learn that in reality they appreciate your involvement and will thank you in the future.

South Paulding High School has two band directors, and a wonderful staff. The band parents are needed to support the directors, and help with the details of fundraising, transporting, feeding and watering an organization this size. The band needs parents to be able to function; it is for this reason that we urge you to get involved. Join one of the many committees; we need your help. Grandparents, siblings, or any member of your family can get involved and make a difference. Join the band booster club; it is a great way to meet the parents and the kids your student will be spending much of their time with for the next few months.

The easiest way to volunteer is by joining the monthly band booster meetings where you will learn more about the program and where it needs your help. We meet on the third Monday of every month.

How Do We Keep Informed?

The SPHS band web site is a place that you will want to visit often.  It is here that you will find the latest information on all upcoming events and fundraising opportunities. Make sure to visit our web site at You will find rehearsal times, schedules, and a link to CHARMS (our web-based data system).

How Do We Pay For This?

There are many questions about the economic impact of the Band Program. While our middle school programs traditionally did not have fees, the high school band program is very different. When we hear the bottom line, we sometimes wonder how we are going to be able to raise the funds needed for our children to be able to continue the pursuit of their musical interest. We do not want the economic factor to keep any student from participating in band. Throughout the year there are many opportunities to earn band fees. There have been families that did not pay anything out of pocket for their student to be in band, due to their successful fundraising. We have a fundraising team, dedicated to provide many opportunities to earn band fees. Some of the most successful are the Coke Sales, the cookie dough, and many other ideas that come up throughout the year.

The fee schedule is broken down into regularly scheduled payment amounts. You can deposit smaller amounts into your child’s account ahead of the payment due date. This can be done all through the year so you don’t have to come up with all the money at one time. The best way to learn about these fundraising opportunities is by keeping informed; and the best way to keep informed is by visiting the SPHS Band web site and attending the booster meetings that take place all year long.

Uniforms, Uniforms – What Do They Wear?

Marching Band Rehearsals

Wear comfortable shoes, closed toe, no flip flops. No jeans.  A white t-shirt, and black (dark) shorts are required on Thursdays.

Football Games 

Band Uniform parts consist of:
  • Black marching band shoes – These are special marching band shoes that clean up well with shoe polish. 
  • Band Show Shirt / Moisture Wiki Shirt
  • Black, crew socks
  • Band Uniform top
  • Band Uniform pants
  • Shorts may be worn under uniform for group changes. Students will change into and out of uniform in the Band Room.
  • Gloves
  • No visible jewelry – small studs are OK. 
  • No make up (Guard is the exception, it is part of the uniform) 
  • Colored drinks, condiments, and any other messy or greasy food is not to be eaten while in uniform. Clear liquids only. 
Tips for Success:
  • Make your child responsible for being prepared. The first time they forget something will be the last!!! They learn to be resourceful when they have to be. 
  • At the end of each practice session there are usually announcements – listen up. This is your best opportunity to find out who, what, where and when things are going on. 
  • Network – This is how we meet each other. It is also one of the best ways to get helpful hints on band parenting from others. 
  • Be prepared to cheer! The band loves it when they have their own cheering section.
  • Don’t put uniform items away in the closet or drawers when cleaned. Keep all items (socks, shoes, band shirt, gloves, etc.) in a bag. These tips will save time spent hunting for them each time they are needed. 
  • Keep extra gloves, socks, needle & thread, etc. in your car or purse just in case. 
  • Visit the band web site to stay informed. 
  • Check CHARMS.

  • What is a Rookie? A marching band member who has never marched at South Paulding High School.
  • What is a Vet? A marching band member who has marched at least one season at South Paulding high School.
  • What is a Shako? The hat worn with or without or without the plume with the uniform.
  • What is a plume? The feather worn in the uniform hat.
  • What are bibbers? The pants worn with the uniform that resemble that of overalls.The show shirt and athletic shorts are worn underneath the bibbers are all times.
  • What is a show shirt? The official uniform shirt also referred to as the Spirit shirt.
  • Why should I order 2 show shirts for my student? There are occasions where there will be back to back performances. This will save you from having to wash the shirt on a late Friday night.Ex: Friday night game then report to school Saturday morning at 8am in show shirt.
  • Why do parents purchase a show shirt? To show support of our band and the students.It also help identify us an organization whether working concessions or enjoying a game.
  • How can I purchase a show shirt? There will be an order form sent home by the Spirit Wear Chairman.They are only ordered one time at the beginning of the season.
  • Do I have to work concessions? Yes we ask that each parent work at least one game.
  • If I work concessions won’t I miss the performance? If your student is a Freshman you will not ever be asked to work the first home game.If your student is a Senior you will never be asked to work the last home game.
  • Does my student have to ride the bus to all away events? Yes unless the buses are not being used-Ex:Paulding Meadows.
  • Does my child have to ride the bus back to school after away events? This is not required but highly encouraged.Some of the best memories are made on bus rides.If you must take your student with you they will be required to be checked out using the procedures ioutlined in the handbook.They are responsible for returning their uniform back to the school as well
  • What is a “white out” day? Your student will attend practice in any white t-shirt and black shorts.
  • What is a casual uniform?The show shirt,Khaki pants,brown belt,white socks and 50% white shoes.This varies for pit and colorguard yearly.
  • What does 50% white mean? More than half of the shoe must be white.
  • What is pit? The front ensemble in the marching band.
  • What is pit crew? The adults that help with managing all the equipment for the show.
  • What is a flip folder? A folder with plastic sleeves mainly used to carry students music.This is a required item and must be purchased from the Director.
  • What is Spirit Night? The first performance of the season to share with parents and family. A meal is usually served and the student perform skits.It is held on our practice field.
  • Where is the practice field? In the back parking lot.
  • Why can’t my student have water when they are hot? Your student will be given water at the specified time given by the Director .This includes games and band camp.
  • Should my student bring a water bottle to practice even after band camp? Most Definitely! You student should be hydrating all day and are encouraged to drink water even during the school day.Teachers usually allow water bottles in the classroom knowing your student is in the band. It is required that each student have their own water bottle at every practice!
  • Can I take my uniform home? No.The only parts you will need to take home are your show shirt,athletic shorts,socks,gloves and shoes. Bibbers, shakos, and jacket are all turned in after every event.
  • I paid my band fees so why doesn’t my student have their black shoes yet?They will be fitted for during band camp and ordered altogether.
  • How many pairs of gloves does my student get? They are issued one pair at a time,but they can get another pair if necessary.Each student has two pair per season.If more are needed you will have to purchase them.Two pair are usually plenty and are included in the uniform fee.
  • When can my student leave after a home game? The Director will dismiss from the field with instructions about clean up and returning to the band room.
  • Does the meal fee cover food at away events? The meal fee covers the cost of feeding your student at home games during the third quarter break.
  • What is the difference between “call time” and “report time’”? Report time is when you actually need to be in place and ready to go.”Early is on time and on time is late.” Arrival time is not the same thing as report time.You should give yourself plenty of time to get ready for report time after your arrival.
  • What are some other ways to find out information? Attend Booster Meetings,check the website,and ask others.