Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Band Booster President Message:

RE: Paulding Meadows

1. We need more parents to sign up for Paulding Meadows. Please contact Jeff Dillard, regarding the specific time slot available for which you are willing to work.
2. Please buy your tickets from the band prior to Paulding Meadows, the cost is $2.00 per ticket. Tickets will increase to $3.00 the day of the event. Your (band) child does not need a ticket -- but you (as the parent and/or non-band siblings) will need a ticket to gain access to enter Paulding Meadows (no entrance without a ticket). The band kids will be performing, so workers will be needed in addition to the band kids (band kids will be unavailable to work during their perfermance and brief rehearsal period on Saturday).
3. Most immediate need: We are in need of giant plastic totes for Paulding Meadows and tables which we can borrow for the event. We will need the tables to work from; and will need the totes to store supplies during Paulding Meadows. Your help in supplying these needs is greatly appreciated. Please contact Steve Patterson regarding either of these items:

Thank you!
Steve Patterson