Friday, September 18, 2009

Monday and Tuesday

I just wanted to post a message for clarification purposes. This information is announced to the students daily - but we know that sometimes there is a break down in information passed through the students. Please help by asking them about announcements and teaching them the importance of listening in class.

Monday evening rehearsal Full Band - 3:45 to 6:00 PM. This rehearsal was called due to the loss of a Tuesday Night rehearsal to the Exhibition - and a final run before it. Colorguard and Percussion will still rehearse from 6:00 - 9:00 PM with their staff. Dinner will be provided for them. Also - the booster meeting is still at 7:00PM.

Tuesday COUNTY EXHIBITION: Students will remain afterschool for a brief focus warm-up session then to load instruments and depart by bus for NPHS. We will be departing for NPHS no later than 5:15pm. The students have a rehearsal for the Star Spangled Banner at 6:00pm with all of the bands in the county. The banner will be performed at 7:00pm to kick off the exhibition then we will eat dinner while enjoying the bands who perform before us. Our performance time at NPHS is 8:30pm. We will reassemble in the stands for East Paudling's performance at 8:50. Our plan is to depart from NPHS around 9:30pm, with an ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL (ETA) at SPHS of 10:00PM.

These next few weeks are extremely busy as we have a big push through the competitions. Our goal is to be prepared now so that we do not have to overwork the kids during the competition weeks to allow them to be fully prepared and rested for the competitions. Please help us stress the importance of hydration during the day and rest as we battle this flu season simultaneously as the push for competition.

Thank you for your dedication and perserverance. I cannot wait to see the progress made by October 3, it is going to be great!