Monday, October 19, 2009

Booster Club Happenings

* Fruit sale started Monday night and will end on Nov. 9th. Get your order form from the band room.

* Chili Cook Off-- Cooks are needed. Sign-up on charms or on Mr. Slay's door. Each student will be responsible for bringing 1 2 litre and an side TBA closer to the event. 11.19.09. Also all students will be responsible for selling 5 tickets at $5.00 each. $3.00 of each ticket will be credited to the child's account.

*DHB Tryouts are 12.12.09 at SPHS. We need parent volunteers to help with hospitality to feed the judges breakfast and lunch, and to help with parking busses. Start at 7:30am - end at 3:00pm we could use you any portion of that time if you are available. Sign up in the band room.

*UPCOMING EVENTS: 3 games left - the next three Friday nights. All away games. 11.19 is a Dinner Concert (Chili Cook Off), 12.5 is the Dallas Christmas Parade, 12.12 is District Honor Band, and 12.17 is the Winter Holiday Collaboration. Tickets for the Holiday concert will be sold ahead of time at $5.00 each. 12.19 Krispy Kreme Donut Sale at Kroger - 7:30AM until SOLD OUT - usually around 1:00ish

*Still in need of water for the rest of the away games. If you can bring another, pelase do. If you haven't brought any in, we still need it. The water was used this year for the flood day practices, which means our inventory is lower than usual.

*Students earned $8.50/hour for working Paulding Meadows this year! GREAT SUCCESS!

*Thanks for all of your sacrifices, hard work, patience, perserverance, dedication, and love throughout the competitive season. IT PAID OFF BIG! Congratulations to all of the parents who made it possible for the students to be successful. Without your support this would not be possible. THANK YOU!