Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vote for SPHS!

Spread the Word......We need Votes.....
McDonald's High School Spirit Spotlight

Who has the most school spirit in Georgia? Each week, two schools will
compete for that honor. Don't miss the McDonald's High School Spirit
Spotlight on .

Week 7
Hiram vs. South Paulding
Hiram vs. South Paulding; Which School Has More School Spirit?

To vote click on the link:

South Paulding is behind so lets get busy.

You can also text your vote. Those numbers are not reflected in this
poll. They will be added to this total to give the team's total for the
competition. To vote for South Paulding, text HOME to 27799. The winner
will advance to the playoff rounds starting later this season. Good

Click below to see the videos below:

South Paulding High School Cheerleaders

South Paulding High School Band

Start VOTING and TEXTING your vote to Show that South Paulding High
School has the MOST SPIRIT.