Wednesday, September 1, 2010

District Honor Band / All-State

District Honor Band and All-State is due by September 10. We are fortunate to have Mr. Becton and Mr. Ferguson to come out on Mondays to help our students prepare for this competitive audition. The cost to audition for DHB is $10.00 and to audition for AS is $20.00. If you are auditioning for each then you pay the $30.00. Both auditions happen at Pepperell HS on Saturday, December 11. Times will be announced the week before auditions. If students are auditioning for AS they will have a second audition in January if they score high enough on their first audition.

Audition Materials can be found by clicking the link on the left: 9-10 All-State or 11-12 All-State.

We have had great participation for this in the past. Last year we had 23 students make District Honor Band! Let's keep the tradition alive and strong! This is a good way for students to set a personal goal and get better individually. The goal is to improve - regardless of the outcome our band gets better.

Students have had the option to indicate to me that they want to audition. If they let me know then I added a fee to their charms account. Students who do not pay by September 10 will not be signed up for the audition.