Saturday, September 18, 2010

Upcoming Weeks

I just wanted to post an update as a reminder of the upcoming weeks. We are about to enter the few weeks of our year that we have a busier schedule than we have previously had - you heard me right, busier as if it wasn't busy enough.

Wednesday 9/22 6:00-9:00pm Full Band
*Colorgurad report at 4:00 to be fitted for uniforms
Thursday 9/23 6:00-9:00pm Full Band
Friday 9/24 TBA Away Game vs. Alexander
Saturday 9/25 9:00am-1:00pm Colorguard Extra Rehearsal - finish learning work
Monday 9/27 6:00-9:00pm Full Band*
Tuesday 9/28 4:00-10:30pm County Exhibition - Performance Time 9:00pm
Wednesday 9/29 3:45-6:00pm Full Band* - Homecoming preparation (Game/Parade)
Thursday 9/30 5:00pm Homecoming Parade - report to Dallas Elementary
*Uniform details TBD
Friday 10/1 TBA Homecoming Game vs. Lithia Springs
*Stevie B's Celebration after the game. All invited! RSVP on Charms - RSVP not required
Saturday 10/2 8:00am-5:00pm Saturday Rehearsal - Lunch Provided
Monday 10/4 6:00-9:00pm Guard/Percussion
Tuesday 10/5 6:00-9:00pm Full Band
Wednesday 10/6 3:45-6:00pm Winds Only
Thursday 10/7 3:45-6:30pm Full Band
Friday 10/8 3:45-6:30pm Full Band
Saturday 10/9 TBA North Paulding Competition

Please continue to drink plenty of water and eat nutritiously. We have a long road still ahead of us, but I am certain that we will rise to the challenge. This is the time to dig in as we finish the show and work to polish the performance for competition. Friday Night's performance was a great show! Let's keep this forward momentum alive!

I know that we have a vacation from school next week, but please practice your instrument and pay close attention to Defying Gravity. Any memorization practice you can do will help us in the long run. I look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday!

Mr. Carr