Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meeting Monday Night

Just a friendly reminder that we have a critical booster meeting Monday evening at 7:00PM in the band room.  A $75.00 commitment fee is due to secure your spot in next year's half-time performance.  We will discuss the handbook, distribute, and collect pertinent forms required for participation.  Next year is quickly approaching.  It is going to be another AWESOME year!

Coke fundraiser is currently going on.  There are order forms in the band room.  This was handed out at the last booster meeting, but if you did not get paperwork and would like to sell cokes then please see Mr. Carr in the bandroom.  Order forms and money is due on Monday evening.

Also, Mr. Carr passed out magazine "reach-out" mailers in class.  Please fill out the booklet with your address and 7 family/friend addresses and return to Mr. Carr by Monday.  We will hold a drawing for a few prizes with the returned booklets.  This is a way for the band to make money with new or renewed magazine subscriptions.  The company provides the books and postage.  All we have to do is provide referrals and they donate the profits.  Thank you in advance for your participation.

I look forward to seeing you Monday night!

SIDE NOTE: We created a new facebook page to shorten the name to help when added to - our old page will no longer be active at the end of this week.  If you would like to continue to follow the Spirit of South Paulding, please like this page. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.