Wednesday, October 5, 2011

GSU Band Day!

Hello!  I am very sorry for the late notice, but I just realized that I missed the deadline for the GSU Band Day.  I am contacting them to register the students tomorrow.  I will have students sign up during class and send them the info tomorrow after practice. 

The event costs: $10.00 per student participating and $15.00 per parent who would like to attend the game with us.  Please turn in the money to the red box by Monday.  GSU Band Day is November 5, 2011 in the GA Dome.  A schedule will follow as soon as it is posted. 

On another note - we received a tentative performance time for the first competition.  An itinerary for the day will be announced soon - until then please continue to plan for the entire day.  We perform at Haralson County at 8:00PM on October 15.