Thursday, March 1, 2012


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the venue for the GMEA Large Group Performance Evaluations has been moved to Woodland High School in Cartersville. Currently, our itinerary has not changed - only the location. I am working on moving the Wind Ensemble performance to a slightly later time to allow for easier navigation of having two bands perform on the same day, but as of now there has not been a change in the itinerary. Please check back daily for updates.

Side Note: I have reminded the students in class of our dress code, because we had a few dress code malfunctions at the Pre-Festival Concert. Judges could count off for our appearance: because of this and pride of our organization please be sure to adhere to the printed performance attire in the band handbook. All students should wear all black. Ladies - please keep in mind the elevated stage that we perform on and remember to wear either a full length black dress or black slacks. We have worked very hard to build a professional reputation. Let's continue to provide the highest quality performance with class.