Monday, August 13, 2012

Paulding Meadows Donations Needed

This is a copy of a group email sent by Gail Morris.
Once again this year, the band will have a booth at the Paulding Meadows Arts & Crafts Festival (Sept. 8 and 9). We will be selling fried Oreos and drinks. If you would like to donate drinks, please contact Jeff Dillard at 770-824-8318 or Please do not reply to this email. When you bring in your drinks, you can turn in the receipt (in an envelope placed in the Red Box), and this amount will be applied to your student's account.&nbs p; Please be sure to include your student's name on the receipt.

VERY IMPORTANT: We are allowed to sell only certain Pepsi products. Jeff has the list of the specific products and size that we need. Please, do not purchase any drinks without contacting Jeff first. You will not receive account credit if you purchase the wrong product because we will not be allowed to sell it.


Gail Morris