Saturday, September 29, 2012

Announcements - Exhibition Info

Extremely proud of the Spirit of South Paulding for your selfless work these past few days.  The county gives us "a break" and yet there is still a football game and exhibition right around the corner.  Your desire to achieve greatness and willingness to come together as a family is contagious!  Very pleased with the show! It continues to get better and better!

Thank you to our staff who have been working tirelessly with us to make the show better, our parents who keep the students hydrated, fed, and sugared up with ice cream, friends and family who visited to watch the progress, and a special thank you to Christian Ogletree, Drew Palmer, and Turner Rosser for volunteering on their day off to be an extra set of eyes and ears and to continue to be there for our family.

Reminder that on Monday we have a Full Band rehearsal from 6:00pm-9:00pm.

Tuesday all students will stay after school and will eat before leaving for Exhibition.  The performance is at East Paulding High School.  

7:00 Star Spangled Banner All Bands
7:15 Warm Up PCHS
7:30 Perform PCHS
7:45 Warm Up HHS
8:00 Perform HHS
8:15 Warm Up EPHS
8:30 Perform EPHS
8:45 Warm Up NPHS
9:00 Perform NPHS
9:15 Warm Up SPHS
9:30 Perform SPHS
10:30 StadiumCleared - Depart?
11:00 Back at SPHS

Please be there in time for the Star Spangled Banner to support all of our bands in the county and to get the best seats : )  Right on the 50 yard-line as close to the press-box as permitted.  See you soon!