Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lake Hartwell Marching Competition Schedule

Congratulations again on a wonderful performance last weekend at the Rockmart competition! This is the week of our final competition!  We have had a good year so far, let's keep up this forward momentum and finish strong!

You can download and print a copy of the competition schedule here: Lake Hartwell Marching Competition
Itinerary for Saturday:
  • 10:00AM Band room is open
  • 11:00AM Report in uniforms minus the jackets to the field - CG will not be in uniforms unless Mr. LeGear would like them in uniforms
  • 1:00PM Load equipment truck
  • 1:50PM Load the busses
  • 2:00PM Depart for Hart County High School
  •  Apprpx 3:30 Stop for a restroom break
  • 4:00PM Back on the road for Hart County High School
  •  5:30PM Arrive at Hart County High School - Snack and restroom break
  • 7:00PM Warm-up
  • 8:00PM Perform
  • 8:20PM Change then watch remaining bands. Section leaders stay in uniform for award
  • 9:40PM Awards Ceremony
  • Approx. 11:00PM Depart Hart County HS 
  • Approx 3:00AM Arrive back at SPHS
We are working on a place to stop and eat.  Originally we had a lead on Cracker Barrell, but the Regional Manager has said no.  Since we would need at least a 30 minute restroom break we are looking into extending the stop to 1 hour to allow students to have a meal on the way home.  Students are encouraged to bring a pillow for the bus ride home.  Please check back often for updates.

Use the information below to find directions to the school:
Hart County High School 59 5th Street, Hartwell, GA
(706) 376-5461 () ‎ · hchs.hart.k12.ga.
We hope to see you in Hart County to make this a memorable experience for these students!  It is going to be a fun trip!