Sunday, December 9, 2012

District Honor Band 2013

Congratulations to all of our students who auditioned this Saturday for District Honor Band.  I know that it is a humbling process, but it is also a process that will benefit you with many aspects of your life. Unfortunately, not everyone who auditioned is able to participate in the honor band and some sections are more competitive than others.  Just know that I am extremely proud of all of you for making the effort to better yourselves and in turn better our band program.  It took sacrifices from you and your family to practice for the audition and drive all the way to Lindale to audition and I am grateful for your dedication.  Thank you for giving it your best and representing our school with dignity and class.  I am proud of you.

We are fortunate that the following students have been invited to participate in the 2013 GMEA District VII Honor Band that will be hosted by Heritage High School in Ringgold, GA from February 14-16, 2013.  We had 32 students invited to participate in the event!  Way to go!

Follow these links for the lists:

Here is a list of the students from our school: 

11-12 Band
Katie Webb, flute
Blake Soverns, flute
Tyler Boggs, flute
Johnathan McGhee, principal bassoon (made it on Tenor Saxophone also!)
Olivia Morris, clarinet
Tori Mills, clarinet
Jessica Maxwell, clarinet
Lauren Graham, principal bass clarinet
Garrett Johnson, alto saxophone
McQuade Dillard, baritone saxophone
Tony Smith, trumpet
Chandler Dickerson, trumpet
Devin Baskin, trumpet
Ra Sheed Lemon, trumpet
Justin Hites, trumpet
Zac Tate, trumpet
Allison Webb, principal f horn
Shelby Rhodes, f horn
Jonas Lutz, f horn
Amber Mealer, principal euphonium

9-10 Band
Mary Kathryn Newton, flute
Cody Graham, bassoon
Kyle Willoughby, principal clarinet
Brandi Ellis, clarinet
Alante Powell, alto saxophone
Shannon Crawford, f horn
Daniel Croshaw, f horn
Cheyanne Cowart, trombone
Chris Morris, trombone
Caroline Phelps, trombone
Claudia Hess, principal bass trombone
Taylor Prince, euphonium

These students along with their families and private teachers deserve congratulations for their accomplishments.  Also, if you get a chance please thank Ron Becton and Ben Ferguson for helping us during the school day to prepare students for these auditions!  Them along with our other private instructors (Joanne Brandes, Ben Ferguson, Mitchell Roberts, and Chad Simms) make a huge impact in our band program.  Thank you guys so much for all of the time that you invest with our students.