Tuesday, December 4, 2012

District Honor Band Auditions on Saturday

District Honor Band auditions are this Saturday at Pepperell HS: 3 Dragon Drive, Lindale, GA 30147.

All students are requested to check-in before 2:00pm, including those taking tests in the morning. Our school's audition times are in the early afternoon (starting at 1:00pm). I announced times yesterday during class, but have been told to have our students ready to audition around 1:00pm. The times were assigned by a computer and will not be very accurate. Please try your best to register by 12:30pm so that you can audition sometime between 1:00 and 2:00. Again, all students must be registered by 2:00pm. If you are unable to be there before 2:00pm, please inform me so that I can get in touch with the event organizer.

Directions to Pepperell High School from Dallas/Rockmart:

Take highway 278 north towards Rockmart Once inside the Rockmart city limits, turn right onto Highway 101 (there is a Triangle Grocery Store and a Fred's Store at this intersection) Travel on Highway 101 towards Rome At the first traffic signal on Highway 101, turn left onto Wax Road (this signal will be found approximately four miles after you enter into Floyd County -- The Silver Creek Pharmacy is located at this intersection) Follow Wax Road to the first stop sign and turn right onto Old Rockmart Road Follow Old Rockmart Road to the first stop sign and turn left onto Reeceburg Road Follow Reeceburg Road past the Silver Creek Methodist Church to the first stop sign and turn right onto Booze Mountain Road Follow Booze Mountain Road to the first traffic signal and turn right onto Park Avenue (there are two convenience stores at this intersection) Follow Maple Street to the next traffic signal and turn left onto Dragon Drive Dragon Drive will lead you to the Pepperell campus.