Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rehearsal Recordings Posted

Recordings made during today's rehearsal have been added to our Practice Materials page.  Wind Ensemble students should visit the page and listen the recordings to have a better idea of what to keep working on in preparation of our performance when we return to school.  Listen to the recordings to  get a better idea of how our parts fit together.  It is amazing how quickly you hear things to keep working on.  We are close, but need to be diligent.  As we approach our performance in Athens, I get more excited!

Take a look at the hall that we get to perform in!  You guys are going to sound awesome here!  Not to mention look great in your new tuxedos and dresses!  

Enjoy your break! You deserve it!  Please do your best, however, to play a little everyday just to stay in shape. You don't have to spend hours everyday, but 15-20 minutes a day will result in huge benefits when we get back.  Long tones, lip slurs, scales, smartmusic, All-State etudes, whatever you are in the mood to play.  Just play : ) See you soon!