Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Parking info for All-State

As per the photo attached, there are three parking lots at HCHS. The north Parking lot is in front of the school facing Highway 96. The West Lot is accessed by turning on to Bear Drive just west of the school and then making a left on to campus. The South Lot is behind the school and is accessed by truning onto Bear Drive and then making a left on to Jerry Barker Blvd. Here are some suggestions:

 The West Lot is the most desirable and closest to registration for 11 – 12 students. Make sure you park in the lot and not in the bus parking area or the “loop” in front of the cafeteria

 The South lot is suggested for 9 – 10 students as it is directly behind the 9th grade building where all 9 – 10 auditions will be held. It is just a short walk to the registration area in the cafeteria and you can leave from the 9th grade building once you have auditioned.

The North Lot in front of the school is the LEAST desirable. This is because it is poorly designed, small and it is VERY difficult to get back on highway 96 from this lot. However, everyone seems to want to use this lot and it is actually the farthest from registration and audition rooms.

 Buses should park in the West Lot in the bus parking area close to the baseball field because it is very difficult to impossible to make the sharp turns in the front lot once it is full.


 Wally Shaw - Houston Coutny High School