Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mr. McAllister needs help

Below is a letter that Mr. McAllister has asked me to share:

Good Morning Parents of SPHS Student,
I hope all of you are doing well. I am sending this e-mail to you, asking for your assistance. I am currently attending Samford University and completing my doctoral degree. I am now at the point where I am conducting my research and collecting my data. My research topic is "student perception of teacher actions to perceived sense of classroom community." The date I am collecting is in the form of student surveys. Since returning from the semester break a few weeks ago, I have been visiting athletic and non-athletic extracurricular activities and talking to students regarding my research. I have been giving student a packet of information regarding my research and asking them to have their parents complete a survey and return the survey to me. I have given out approximately 575 information packets and have had around 100 surveys returned to me. I still need more surveys, a lot more. For this reason, I have asked all my coaches and sponsors of extracurricular activities to forward this e-mail to all of their parents.
One reason I am asking for the information to be forwarded to all of you is that over the past week or so, I have had some students indicate to me that their parents would like me to e-mail them the consent form and survey so they can have other children who attend SPHS, and that I have not spoken to complete the survey. I have also had a few parents indicate to me their child did not bring home the hard copy of the letter, consent form and survey that I had given them and again asked me to e-mail them a copy.
The survey has been approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Samford University (see IRB approval number on the attached consent form). The research has also been approved by the Paulding County School District (district approval is required in order to have IRB approval).
The survey may be completed by any student currently enrolled at South Paulding High School. I have been visiting extracurricular activities and have not been into classrooms since that would take away instructional time and is also not permitted.
In closing, I am asking for assistance from both you and your child in helping me to complete my research. I still need a lot of surveys returned in order to complete my research. Participation is voluntary and your child will remain anonymous if they choose to participate in my research by completing my survey. If your child chooses to participate, I ask that a hard copy of the completed consent form and survey are returned to me. I cannot use any surveys returned to me without a completed consent form. Students can return the consent form and surveys to me at school anytime they see me in the halls, the commons during lunch, before/after school, evenings or any other time they see me. I also have a box outside my office they can drop the competed consent forms and surveys in. The survey is only 15 questions and the completion of the survey is all that I am asking students to do for my research. Again, participation is optional and your child will remain anonymous.
I have attached an information letter, consent form and survey to this e-mail. I truly would appreciate any help you and your child can give me by completing the survey. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Chris McAllister

If you would like to participate either see Mr. McAllister and he will get the forms to you.  Deadline is this Friday.