Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pre-Festival Schedule

Pre-festival is Tuesday night.  The students have been told this schedule for over a week now, so I am hoping that this is not news to you.  Each ensemble should report to the band room five minutes before their report time.  They should be dressed, in their seat, have their instrument out, and be ready to warm-up at the report time.  It is imperative that the students are not late.

We are in the process of ordering the concert dresses and tuxedos for the Symphonic and Concert Bands.  We finally received our prize from the Bert Show last Tuesday and were able to order the garments.  We are in need of parent volunteers to help alter these uniforms in an effort to outfit the students for festival in March.  Because these uniforms are not in yet, Concert Band and Symphonic Band students will perform in "All-Black" attire.  If ladies do not have a long black dress then they are advised to wear black pants.

Report times:
Concert Band 4:30PM
Symphonic Band 6:15
Wind Ensemble 7:45

As you can see from the schedule below we are hosting many bands from our county for this band festival.  We are still in need of volunteers for various tasks throughout the evening.  We will be speaking about the volunteer duties and logistics of the festival tomorrow evening at the booster club meeting.  If you are able to attend, please do so at 7:00PM in the band room.

Performance Schedule:

3:00 P.B. Ritch MS
3:30 Austin MS 7th
4:00 Dobbins MS
4:30 South Paulding MS
5:00 Austin MS 8th
5:30 South Paulding HS Concert Band
6:00 BREAK
6:45 Hiram HS Concert Band
7:15 South Paulding HS Symphonic Band
7:45 BREAK
8:15 Hiram HS Symphonic Band
8:45 South Paulding HS Wind Ensemble