Thursday, August 8, 2013

Booster Meeting Date Change

After careful consideration and an effort to not conflict with a fundraiser the executive board has decided to postpone the next booster meeting.  

There is a fundraiser night at the Zaxby's on HWY 61 and 278 from 4-8 this Monday.  They would like it if we could have some band students attend with their instruments to drum up business.  They will donate a portion of all sales between the hours of 4-8, including catering! 

We made over $800 at the McBand Night!  This one is similar except we aren't working, just patronizing.   There isn't a minimum number or maximum for that matter.   Lets all make an effort to attend Zaxby's and let them know how grateful we are for their support.

The booster meeting will be held on August 26 as Mr Carr has a GMEA meeting on the 19.  The London Commitment Fee of $200.00 is due at this meeting.  There will be a commitment form to fill out as well.  The forms will be available by the middle of next week.  

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility!