Monday, September 9, 2013


Good morning!

What a tremendous end of the week we had! Way to go Spirit! You guys performed to a sellout home crowd with a fantastic performance of the show! The amount of progress that you continue to make is very impressive. WOW did the kids look great or what?! Thank you to Michelle Pruitt and her team of parents to get the students ready for Friday night. I know Nancy was up here most of the day ironing and hemming pants for the game on Friday and others were here handing out uniforms and gloves. Thank you all for getting the students in uniform and making them look SHARP!

Also, it was our first full crowd concessions game! Thank you to Kevin Heerlein and his team of parents for a hugely successful night at the concessions! Continuing to make profits like this will be a huge help to the band's travel expenses as well as keeping instruments and uniforms maintained. There were many parents involved in this effort and the kids and I appreciate your help!

Paulding Meadows also was a great success this weekend! The students gave a stellar performance as always, in spite of only having a few hours of rest : ) I have had many people specifically compliment the Star Spangled Banner and our show music. Legend: The Spirit Never Dies is going to be a show that is remembered for years to come! I am extremely proud of the way that you composed yourselves students. Thank you for smiling, having a good time, and performing for the audience. This was our performance to give back to our community and you did so with class!

Thank you to Jennifer and Jonathan Moore, and Jeff Dillard for organizing Paulding Meadows! I think it ran very smoothly this year even with the addition of the parking duties. Thank you to all of the parents and students who volunteered either in the booth or for parking/gate duty. We learned somethings this year that will be fixed in the future like breaking up the parking lot duty into smaller shifts to be shared more throughout our band, and than students are ok to work parking duty. This weekend was full of hard work, but I am proud of the way that we handled it as an organization. I believe that we are closer now than we were before the weekend and that is thanks to the effort that you give to communicating with one another and doing whatever it takes to make it happen for your students. Thank you for serving selflessly. Your example resonates with the students and they will one day return the favor for their children because of the example that you set. The LEGACY will continue : )

This week's and next week's schedules are a bit odd so I wanted to be sure to update everyone.

• Wednesday is an early release day and there will not be a practice.
• Friday is a FULL BAND rehearsal from 3:45PM - 6:00PM since there is not a football game. McBand Night is in the process of being rescheduled.
• Saturday is our Charity Poker Tournament at Stars and Strikes. Please invite your friends and family! It will be a fun filled day!
• Next Monday is a FULL BAND rehearsal from 6:00PM - 9:00PM in preparation of Tuesday.
• Next Tuesday is the COUNTY MARCHING EXHIBITION at Hiram HS. We will be taking busses and feeding the students that evening.
All schools perform the National Anthem at 7:00PM and the schedule of bands is as follows:
7:30PM North Paulding High School
8:00PM South Paulding High School
8:30PM East Paulding High School
9:00PM Paulding County High School
9:30PM Hiram High School
Please arrive early to the Exhibition. Admission is $2.00 and middle schoolers get in free with their band shirt : )
Also you can order a video of the exhibition here:

Someone said to me the other day, "This could be like another 'Bond' year, don't you think?" The more that I have thought about it, the more that I agree with her. The students dig the show, the crowd loves the show, all that we have to do is continue to be disciplined and execute the music and drill to the best of our ability and we will make it very difficult for others this year! Let's continue to compete with ourselves to see how much determination and focus that we can show every time that we are together and the results will take care of themselves!

Here's to a great few weeks towards a great year!

* I started this post at like 7:45AM and finally 12 hours later am able to post it. Just thought that was a neat fact that I wanted to share.

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