Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Competition Reminders

Just a few reminders about our competition on Saturday. The itinerary has been posted but the main recap is: Report time is 11:00AM and we perform at 6:15PM. Remember that we all stay together following our performance and wait for awards. We will have an opportunity to view a few band performances including Georgia Southern's performance. You will have an opportunity to change into more comfortable clothing after our performance - keep in mind it could be very chilly that evening. Section Leaders will remain in uniform so that they can report to the field for the awards ceremony. We will sit together as an ensemble on the visitor's side bleachers after our performance. You will have an opportunity to purchase concessions and souvenirs while the final few bands are performing - remember to bring money for these items. Our ETA back to SPHS following the competition is about 11:30PM. I look forward to a great first competition! You guys have been extremely focused the past few days and have put in some amazing work this season! The pay off is almost here.