Sunday, October 27, 2013

This Week

Congratulations on a very passionate performance yesterday! I am so proud of you guys! I know that it hurts when the "icing" doesn't go our way and I definitely was hoping to help you guys carry more hardware home this weekend, but please continue to cherish the genuine excitement and pride that was generated by you! That feeling is not replaceable nor was it false. That is the reason that we do what we do and I am happy that we experienced that together this weekend. Not to mention that our colorguard scored a 98.5!! That is the highest colorguard score that we have ever had and was the best score of the day. Also, don't forget that we had the highest music score all day, which is earned by our winds and percussion, and received an award for that. That means that every single one of you guys that were on the field yesterday outscored our competition.

 Yes, I have some learning to do about this mysterious "GE," but we will figure that out. Life is more fun when you are learning - we can use this opportunity to learn about an evolving aspect of our activity. Let's be curious about what made the difference, and use it as a catalyst to continue growing. 

This week we will only rehearse on Thursday from 3:45PM-5:00PM.   Enjoy your time off! You've earned it.

 We are away on Friday at PCHS - with the following itinerary:
• 5:00PM Dinner (CFA)
• 5:30PM Uniform check
• 6:00PM Depart for PCHS
• 10:30PM ETA back to SPHS