Tuesday, November 5, 2013

We Need YOU

We have three events that are quickly approaching at which we need your assistance. Our organization is so blessed to have so many dedicated and able parents to help us with the running of the band program and for that we are thankful. Looking back on the year it is amazing how much we have accomplished already! As the football season winds down, we need to be sure to finish strong.

EVENT 1:This Friday's home game is Senior Night so our Senior parents will not be working concessions. With a senior class of 34, that is a large portion of our volunteer crew. This is your chance to step-up and help us to make this a very special night for our seniors and help us run the concessions on one of our busiest and most successful nights of the season. We cannot do it without your help. You can volunteer here: https://www.charmsoffice.com/charms/volunteer.asp?v=1425497

EVENT 2:Veteran's Day Concert: We are still in need for volunteers to assist with the production of our 1st concert of the year. It promises to be a wonderful evening full of fantastic music. The students have prepared chamber music to accompany our meal from 6:00PM - 7:00PM, there will be a presentation by our jazz band with a performance of Skyfall, the Cocnert Band will perform Bohemian Rhapsody, A Shining in the Stars, and Kentucky 1800 followed by our Symphonic Band who is performing Black Horse Troop March, American Riversongs, and The Light Eternal, our Wind Ensemble is performing Holst's First Suite in Eb, October, and Danzas Cubanas, then all three bands will perform An American Salute as we pay tribute to our National Heroes by honoring Veterans, and the evening concludes with the final performance of LEGEND: The Spirit Never Dies by our Marching Band with an indoor performance of our marching show! The colorguard and percussion perform onstage as our front ensemble and wind section surrounds the audience for a sonic experience that is not to be missed. This is one of the most exciting performances that we will give all year long. Please invite your family and friends to witness the hard work that your children are achieving on a daily basis. You can volunteer for this event here: https://www.charmsoffice.com/charms/volunteerR.asp?s=southpaulhsb&v=1468747

EVENT 3:HOME PLAY-OFF GAME: Since we have won home field advantage for our first play-off game we are in need of more volunteers to the run the concessions. This is the first home football play-off in our school's history. We stand a chance at serving one of the largest crowds that our stadium has ever witnessed. This gives us the opportunity to considerably exceed the profits from the concessions that we made last year and help out our band program with monetary needs. It will be an exciting night, but we need your help! Volunteer here: https://www.charmsoffice.com/charms/volunteerR.asp?s=southpaulhsb&v=1468727

Also, this is Kevin's last football game as our concession's chair. We are in need of a volunteer to take over the concessions chair responsibilties. This person manages the operations of our concessions from organizing volunteers, to purchasing supplies and inventory, setting prices, etc. If you are interested please contact Kevin Heerlein at concessions@spiritofsouthpaulding.org. He can give you a better idea of all that is involved. If you are capable of organzing people we need your expertise!