Monday, December 9, 2013

Concert Uniforms

We have been working on getting the concert uniforms prepared for the students to wear at the Christmas Concert. We had to order some garments for our new students and received most of them today. I am hoping that we will have it all finished in time for next week.

Originally, I had thought of sending them home with the students, but Mr. Becton told me a story that has convinced me that it is best to store them at the school as we did last year. This is what was stated in the handbook - so it should work out alright. 

Please note: Students will need black shoes/socks to complete the uniform and men who were here last year should still have their tuxedo shirt. A new shirt was not ordered for returning students, only new students this year. If you have misplaced your tuxedo shirt it is possible that you left it at the school. If you cannot find your tuxedo shirt then you will need to purchase a new one.