Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow, Snow, GO AWAY

Aloha!  Too bad we aren't in Hawaii, eh?

Well in addition to the school closing call that went out today from our school district, I just got off the phone with our District Band Chair, Tracy Wright.  As you guys know from watching the news, North Western Georgia, which is where Ringgold is located, is getting even more snow than we are and unfortunately the conditions are too unsafe for District Honor Band to happen this weekend.  

He stated with the complexity of planning around the clinician's schedules, proms, spring trips, etc. that another weekend has not been planned and the district does not plan on rescheduling the event.  I am very sorry that the weather has not worked out in our favor this year.  There are certain things in our lives that are completely out of our control and the weather is one of them.  It is very easy to get frustrated and sad because of the weather, but since it is out of our control the best thing to do is to find the positives in the new opportunities.  This give you a chance to catch up on much needed sleep, time to learn a new recipe, a chance to practice your scales for the next audition, finish that project in your AP Class that is due upon return from Winter Break, etc.

Keep a positive attitude and find a way to enjoy this break.  Don't worry, we are still planning on going bowling!  

If we get to see each other on Friday, I will consider it a bonus - school hasn't been cancelled at this point, but the weather doesn't look like it is letting up for a little while.  Hang in there!  Love you guys!

Mr. Carr