Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Volunteers Needed

Hello Everyone,

We will be cleaning out the concessions area this Thursday 8/14. If you are available to come out and help, meet us in the concessions area at 5:30 pm. The more people that show up, the quicker we can get it all done!

Speaking of concessions, our home opener is next week. Yes, next week. We currently have 8 volunteers signed up and we need at least twice that many working the concessions area. If you are planning on signing up for the first game, please try to do so before next Tuesday. This is the day that Mr McConnell will be turning in the list of volunteers so that they can get into the game free of charge.  You can CLICK HERE to volunteer for the concession stand for our Home Opener vs. Sprayberry.

Concessions is the band's largest fundraiser and it can only be successful with your help. If every family has a member volunteer for one game, then no one would have to work multiple dates. Under "Volunteer Opportunities" you will find links for signing up for the games, or you can email the concessions chairs at concessions@spiritofsouthpaulding.org.

CLICK HERE to Volunteer for Paulding Meadows on Saturday, September 6th

CLICK HERE to Volunteer for Paulding Meadows on Sunday, September 7th

Thank you!