Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Player in Need

SPARTANS!  This is a call for HELP…….One of our SPARTAN players and his family are lucky enough to have survived a house fire but are now in need of our help in order to get back on their feet.  I do not have all the details about the fire but I at least have some details of what is needed.   
Not knowing if I can share the players name or not I will choose to leave the player’s name anonymous at this time.  As mentioned above not only was our Spartan player affected but his immediate family as well.  The family is very thankful and appreciative of our concern and is very hopeful for any form of assistance at this point.  I am in the process of trying to establish an on-line donation spot on the football website to be able to manage any monetary donations.  We will get an additional email out as this becomes functional.  Please see below for some immediate needs.
·         Clothing
1.       Male – Age 16                          
(32 x 32 Pant Size and Medium Shirt)
2.       Male – Age 13                      
   (30 x 32 Pant Size and Medium Shirt)
3.       Male – Age 7                              (Size 8 Pants, No Shirt Size Listed)
4.       Male – Age 4                              (Size 5/6)
5.       Female – Age 18                       (Adult Medium)
·         Food
·         Toiletries
·         Basic Everyday Essentials
·         School Supplies
·         Monetary Donations
At this time I ask that all donations be sent to the school office attention to Coach Scott.  Coach Scott is the liaison between the family and SPARTAN NATION.  As always I would like to THANK YOU in advance and I am confident that we will be able to help this family in need.  As we get more details in regards to the situation we will email and post to social media as soon as possible. 
Please help where you can!
Brad Kendrick
South Paulding Football Booster Club