Wednesday, September 9, 2015

We're up to 12

Hey Folks -

We're up to 12!  Thank you so much for those who have volunteered to help us out Friday Night!  Please see below for a message from our new concessions chair, Kevin Heerlein:

I am concerned that we only have 12 volunteers including me for this Friday's game.  In my past experience running concessions, a crew of 20-25 volunteers is needed to make home side concessions run smoothly.

I have made emergency requests for help in the past and our parents have always stepped up. I have even had alumni parents who were coming to watch the game stop by and start frying Oreos.

I hate to say it, but we need help this Friday, as well as for the other home games.

I'm sure all the volunteers are there for the same reason as me. It's all about the kids and a program we truly believe in.

Let's send out the call, "Calling all volunteers!  We need your help!"  Thanks.