Monday, November 2, 2015

Friday Night

Hi Everyone - Please see below for a message from our concessions chair:

Good Afternoon,

I am greatly concerned at our volunteer numbers for Friday's game (4 at last count).

I understand that all of our parents have endured a long season of marching band. However, it's not over. We still have one regular season and a potential home playoff game in our near future.  These games provide a great opportunity for huge profits that will enable the band to exceed the amount of funds raised through concession sales of our previous seasons.

Sometimes I feel that I have gone to the well too many times when I keep pushing for concessions volunteers. All I can say is THANK  YOU to everyone!  This is all about our kids, our school and the mighty Spirit of South Paulding Marching Band.

To coin a phrase from a previous show shirt, "THE SPIRIT NEVER DIES."

I will see you all on Friday night.

Kevin Heerlein