Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Booster Club - Nominations for Office for Next Year

Dear Booster Members,

Last night at the band booster meeting your nomination committee for next year was presented: Regina Roberts & Amy Whitmore. They will be accepting your nominations for the open positions for our booster club for this upcoming year. You may email all your nominations to both Regina and Amy at: nominations@spiritofsouthpaulding.org

Open positions for next year are:

Vice President, TreasurerChaperone Chair, Guard Chair, Spirit Wear Chair.  

Please make sure before you nominate someone, that they are willing to fill this position. Any questions about Job Duties please email: 
Band Director DJ McConnell director@spiritofsouthpaulding.org

Each position shall be filled by one individual. That person can then fill their committee once elected into office, if that position deems a committee is required. 

All nominees will be presented at the next Booster Meeting which will be April 25th at 7pmPlease make note of the date change! The nominee will then be voted upon at this April Booster Meeting and elected by 2/3 majority vote.

Please consider taking a position within the booster club next year!  Thank you!