Monday, February 27, 2017

Year in Review DVD

Hi Everyone!

Please see below for a message from Jeffrey Morris.  Mr. Morris does all of the Videography for our band.  

It is that time again - time to start ordering your Year in Review DVD!

The cost of pre-orders is $25 plus sales tax.  You can choose to ship it (it will ship in May) or you can use the coupon code “2017BAND” to remove the shipping charge, which is $2.60.  If you pay for shipping, Mr. Morris will ship your DVD. If you use the coupon, Mr. Morris will deliver your DVD to the band room in May.

Mr. Morris is only accepting orders online this year at:

The DVD/Bluray will include (as usual):
  • The 40-minute Year in Review
  • The Field Show
  • LGPE Performances
  • Spring Concert
Parents - please refer any questions directly Mr. Morris.