Thursday, September 13, 2018

Important News!

Hi Everyone!

1 - We need your help Friday night.  Right now, we only have 13 people signed up to help us in the concession stand this Friday. We need at least 20.  It is critical that we have enough people to work the concession stand.  Click HERE to sign up.

2 - Due to Homecoming, we will perform our regular Halftime show after the game concludes Friday.  

3 - Our Stevi B's Fundraiser is due back in Friday.

4 - Subway Spirit Night tonight (the Subway adjacent to Publix)

5 - Stevi B's Spirit Night on Monday

6 - District Honor Band / All-State Band Registration due on Tuesday the 18th.  The cost is $25 to audition for All State or $30 to audition for both.  Students travelling to Hawaii should only audition for All State.

Thank you!