Monday, March 8, 2010


Our GMEA LGPE (Festival) times are quickly approaching. Festival is hosted by Cartersville High School this year.

Symphonic Band goes to festival on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at 6:30PM. The students will be traveling to CHS via bus right afterschool on Wednesday. We would love to see you in Cartersville on Wednesday to support the Symphonic Band. They are performing an exciting program: Army of the Nile March, October, and Incantation and Dance.

Concert Band goes to festival on Thursday, March 11, 2010. Concert Band performs early so we actually have to leave before school starts on Thursday. Report time: 7:00AM. Please make arrangements to be in the band room by 7:00AM. The bus is leaving shortly after our report time, being late could result in missing the bus and losing the opportunity to perform at festival. Remember to get a good night's sleep Wednesday night and eat a light sensible breakfast before arriving to the band room. This will help us focus and prepare us to perform our best. Our performance time is 10:00AM at Cartersville HS. If you can take some time away from work and be in the audience we would greatly appreciate you being there. Having an audience inspires the kids to perform better and we love performing for you guys! Our program will be: Gray's Harbor March, Ghost Fleet, and Fire Dance. We will stop on our way back at Stevie B's Pizza for lunch before returning to SPHS to reward the students for their hardwork in preparing this concert. Please send your child with enough money to cover lunch at Stevie B's -- roughly $8.00?

Our concert attire is the same as all formal concerts: all black attire. Symphonic Band Members will probably have a chance to change before loading the bus-- this information will be covered in class. Concert Band members need to report in concert attire at 7:00AM on Thursday morning.

CONCERT BAND REPORT TIME: 7:00AM on Thursday morning --- in all black attire.