Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Saturday's Itinerary - GSU Band Day

Students should wear dark blue jeans, tennis shoes, a t-shirt, and a belt. A GSU shirt will be provided upon arrival.

7:15AM Report - Load the Trailer
7:30AM Load Busses (only 2 busses) if your name was not on the list then you might have to drive.
7:45AM Depart for GSU
8:45AM Register at GSU
9:00AM Half Time Rehearsal on Field
10:30AM Lunch at the CNN Center - Bring money for lunch
12:30PM Take seats in the GA Dome - ready for the game to start
1:00PM Kick-off

The game starts at 1:00. I would think that we could be back to the school around 6:00PM?

I look forward to it!