Thursday, November 3, 2011



We have had just under 80 people sign-up for the Disney Trip. I talked to the travel agent to see how much the cost of the trip would be if we only had 80 instead of the quoted 110. At 80 participants the cost increases by $35.00. Please understand that the price increases only because of the cost of the busses. A portion of the individual trip price is calculated by taking the price of the bus and dividing it by the number of participants When the price is divided by 80 the individal cost is more than if it were divided by 110.

The cost of the trip is currently for 110 members going:
Quad Occupancy $650.00 (add $35.00 if only 80 are going)
Tprl Occupancy $675.00 (add $35.00 if only 80 are going)
Dbl Occupancy $726.00 (add $35.00 if only 80 are going)
Sngl Occupany $879.00 (add $35.00 if only 80 are going)

Please let e-mail me at if the $35.00 is a deal breaker. Please keep in mind that all of the meals are included and the students will participate in 3 days at Disney and 1 day at Universal (Harry Potter). If you are still interested in going please get your $200.00 deposit in ASAP. We will update you on the status of the trip on Novemember 14.

Thank you!