Thursday, November 3, 2011

VS Kell HS Tomorrow Night - GSU Band Day Tickets

Tomorrow's football game is VS Kell HS. This is our last regular season football game. Mr. McAllister, our athletic director, has arranged for our busses to leave SPHS at 5:00PM. Students need to be in uniform by 4:45, so I have advised students to stay here afterschool, we will load the trailer ASAP after the bell.

I just received a document that says, "Please inform your students and community that half of our parking will be paid parking for $5 in the second entrance on Lee Waters Road. If they would like to have free parking they can go to the third entrance on Lee Waters Road." Looking at the map, the paid lots are closest to the stadium and the free lots are about as far away from their stadium as our teacher's parking lot or Dugan's parking lot are to our stadium.

Although it cannot be as special as Senior Night last week, let's make this last ball game fun and memorable!