Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This weeks reminders

I am very sorry for not sending these reminders earlier.  Suddenly, I can no longer update the website from my work computer.

Thursday Night: Report time 6:00PM. Concert Band performs at 7:00PM.  Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble should remain in the audience until the band before them is finished performing.  Please remember to wear our formal concert attire: All black - long black dress or black slacks.  Short dresses/shorts are unacceptable.

Friday Night: Dinner starts at 6:00.  Awards will start around 7:15PM in the theatre.

*Thank you to everyone who has been taking care of responsibilities and communicating with our treasurers.  Just a reminder that students who are not in good standing will not receive awards Friday night.  It is our intention for all students to be honored because they deserve to be, but if you need to communicate with the booster treasurers about your account please contact Gail Morris at treasurer@spiritofsouthpaulding.org ASAP.