Thursday, November 8, 2012

Colorguard - Please read

Just a reminder that this Saturday is a stand still performance at South Paulding Middle School's band concert.  Our report time is 5:00PM and the performance will be around 5:30pm - we should be done by 6:15ish. We will be wearing blue jeans and our show shirt.

Next Tuesday we have a quick marching band rehearsal for all members to prepare for the dinner concert on Thursday of next week.  Please report from 3:45-4:30. 

Thursday is our dinner concert and the marching band ends the concert with the final performance of our show music.  The band will be wearing business casual attire (nice clothes) to the concert. Colorguard is welcome to wear similar attire during the dinner portion.  They will have time to change into uniforms before the Marching Band performance at the end of the evening.  Remember to bring your unitard and shoes.  Hair should be in a pony tail and out of the face for the performance.