Thursday, November 1, 2012

Drum Clinics

Mr. Morgan has offered to teach some drum clinics for us on the following dates.  These clinics are designed to help foster proper marching snare drumming technique that will transfer to all aspects of marching percussion playing.  If you are interested in marching snare drum, tenors, or bass drum next year these will be extremely beneficial in preparing you for the audition process.  The cost is only $20.00/lesson/person.  I do encourage you to sign-up for all 4 sessions as each session will build on the previous sessions.  If you pay for all 4 lessons before November 26, then you will receive a $20.00 discount, making the cost of each session only $15.00!   

November 26
December 3
January 7
January 14

Please sign-up for the clinics here.