Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Saturday's Parade

7:00AM     Band Room
8:00AM     Students should be ready to go in uniform - Load instruments
8:30AM     Depart for Atlanta
9:40AM     Staging for the parade
10:30AM   Parade Step-off
                          We are number 51
12:00PM    Parade is finished
                          *We are going to attend the CNN Center for lunch. Please send money
                           (approximately $10) for your child to eat.
1:00 PM     Depart CNN Center to head home
2:00 PM     Arrive back at SPHS

More information on the parade can be found here: http://www.choa.org/parade
Their wesbite gives detailed information on the parade route  and everything else that you will need to know about the event.  I hope to see you in Atlanta! 

*According to their website, the bleacher seats located in the WSB Zone are all sold out.  I hope that you were able to order yours already.