Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pictures! Very Important!

I know this is incredibly late notice and I apologize for that in advance.  The photographers have finally gotten back to me, thanks to Mrs. Pruitt! Apparently they wanted to do our band picture today?! 

We have been able to negotiate a little better date-  We will be taking our picture for the football program and yearbook at the very beginning of Monday evening's rehearsal.  Please plan on arriving ad early as 5:00pm to get into your uniform. Pictures start at 6:00pm.  

Vets need to bring their marching shoes and everyone needs to bring a pair of black socks.  Colorguard members need to wear their warmups with their jackets and their show shirt.  

Leadership team, please help spread the word by calling, texting, facebooking, or emailing your sections to spread the word.

Everyone should be able to wear their practice clothes under the uniform.  We will continue practice after pictures until 9:00pm.  

Last night was full of good positive energy! As Mr. Brown put it, "they were pumped up!"  Yes you were! Fantastic performance!!! As I always say, "Nobody performs like Spirit!"  So true!  Tremendous job, a wonderful first performance!  

Let's continue our stride towards a memorable year!

See you Monday!