Sunday, November 17, 2013

DubLi Information

We have our very own e-commerce website now through DuBli.  This offers you a chance to shop for items that you need on a daily basis and earn cash back at the same time allowing us to raise money.  There aren't even inflated prices!   

We’re asking for your support to help our site have customers, which will allow us to make the most out of this effort.  

Please visit:, watch the videos and sign up for a DubLi membership.  There are three levels: Free, Premium, and VIP.  While the VIP helps our band the most, and gives you the most cash back, any membership will help us raise funds and help you save money.  

Once you have a membership you can shop through our site for items you need every day, and enjoy the cash back.  The idea is that the cash back incentive will help your budget to last longer at the same time as giving back to your band program.   

Once you are enjoying the perks of membership you can invite everyone you know to get a membership.  Those members will help raise money for our band program too all while allowing your friends and family to save money.  

Remember to Shop Save and Send Invites to your friends, and this will be our most successful fundraiser ever.  We so appreciate your support