Sunday, November 10, 2013

Many volunteer opportunities - please help out and invite a friend

Good evening!  

We have a busy week ahead of us!  Our first concert is Thursday, which is a dinner concert requiring all of our efforts to make it successful.  We are still in need of volunteers to bring a Crock-Pot for dinner, to help set-up, and to help clean up.  You will be impressed with the work that the students have prepared for your entertainment while also practicing and learning our marching show!  It is incredible how capable our students are, and I am excited to lead them in concert on Thursday night!  

Please click here to volunteer.  

In addition to still needing volunteers, we are asking for the following sections to bring in the following donations to help keep the costs down and allow our program to maximize our efforts for the students.

Trumpets and Mellophones: 2, 2 Liter Drinks

Guard, Flutes, and Saxophones: Desserts

Percussion - Battery and Front Ensemble: Styrofoam Dessert Plates, Forks, and Spoons

Clarinets and Low Brass: Styrofoam Dinner Plates and Napkins

Please bring in all plates, forks, spoons, and drinks in by Tuesday. Desserts can be brought in on Thursday.

The students deserve the best and we appreciate your continued effort to providing the best possible experience for our kids.

In addition to having our concert on Thursday we have a play-off game on Friday!  All marching band students are expected to stay after school on Friday for a quick rehearsal.

We need your help with concessions as we prepare for the largest crowd ever at a SPHS football game.  We host Sequoyah HS in the first round of the state playoffs as our football team ends its regular season with their best record to date: 9-1.  Friday night promises to be an exciting night and we hope that you will make plans to help us that evening!  If you are available, please sign up on Charms.