Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Message from Mr. McAllister about the Playoff Game on November 15

In anticipation of us hosting a playoff game here on November 15, I just wanted to send out a few things so information could be spread and everyone can start planning. As most of you know, admission to a state playoff game follows different rules than a regular season game. Admission to the game is determined by the state and I (the school) has certain guidelines we are ethically suppose to follow and uphold. Here are the guidelines for admission to the game on November 15…

1)      The only passes accepted will be GHSA coaches and GAOA official passes. This means, the passes the school has given to the coaches families, or the boosters have sold for reserved seating or any other pass cannot be accepted for admission to  the game.
2)      Junior cheerleaders, football players and coaches cannot be admitted for free. Please spread the word to these groups if you are associated with them.
3)      I will accept a pass list for concession workers, chain crew, announcer, clock operator and spirit wear (if selling). This list will be limited to a specific number. I will let you know the number next week. I have noticed some of the people on concession lists and spirit wear have been bringing spouses and children to some of the games this year. Please tell your workers they cannot do this next Friday night.
4)      The cost of admission will be $8.00/person. The GHSA by-law indicates the only people I do not charge is a baby in arms. What this means is if they are walking, regardless of age, they are charged the $8.00 to enter. Even if they are three years old. My suggestion is if they have young kids who go in a stroller, have them in a stroller. But please, do not have your 15 year old child or husband in a stroller, they will be charged.
5)      No one will be allowed to place any items in the stands until the gates open at 5:30 pm. This applies to concession workers, and if a concession worker is placing items in the stand, they should not be in there because they are working and not watching the game. This has been happening as well this year.
6)      No spectators, even those with GHSA passes will be allowed to enter the stadium until 5:30 pm.

I know this is a lot of rules/guidelines, but I wanted to get all this information out and give all of you time to talk to your people because I do not want any issues or upset people next Friday. Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for all of your assistance and dedication to the athletic program at SPHS.