Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Senior Night Information from Mr. McAllister

1)      It is important that our seniors line up in this order to be sure that the correct name is called.  
• Football managers
• Football Players
• JROTC Raider Team
• JROTC Color Guard
• Band
• Cheerleaders
• Cross Country
2)      Also, be sure to line up alphabetically by sport.
3)      Parents and students (except football) should start lining up no later than 6 pm.
 * I have asked Mr. McAllister if the band students may still march down with us.  Parents will need to line up in the correct order so that we are organized when the seniors join them at the field.
4)      All seniors will be given two tickets for parents/guardians, etc… if they have more than two people coming, they will need to purchase a ticket for anyone beyond the two.
5)      No students, parents, or anyone except concession workers should be entering the stadium until 5:30 pm. If you have people setting up for senior night and this requires that person to enter the football area before 5:30 pm, I will need their name on the workers list.